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Touchstone Wrap deals in multiple services for its clients in Dubai. Let’s have a detailed look below.

Quality In Every Window With Elegant Vinyl Wraps

Vinyl wraps help transform your windows by saving a chunk of the price of replacement. For a fun makeover, change the colour of your windows by vinyl wrapping them. One of the perks of vinyl wrapping windows is that it can also help add privacy by creating a shield. Choose from TouchStone Wrap’s range of premium vinyl wraps that offer a smooth finish. Moreover, vinyl wrapping windows is an innovative, cost-effective way of bringing your space up to date. When it comes to turn around time, vinyl wrapping ensures minimal disruption. With a promise of durability, our premium vinyl wraps can withstand any weather condition.

Living Room

If you wish to filter out harsh light in your living room, try vinyl wrapping your windows. Take a pick from soft hues to have your living room bask in shades of warmth.


If your bedroom is starting to look worn out or if you are simply bored of the colour scheme, try vinyl wrapping your windows. Wrapping serves as a quick fix in a cost-efficient fashion. If you are up for quirks, ask our in-house vinyl wrapping experts for fun designs or murals.

Bathroom Wrapping

Bathroom windows with a vinyl film helps create a soothing spa like ambience. Moreover, a smart colour-play with vinyl wraps can help create an illusion of space.

Retail Shops

Clad your store front windows with eye-catching vinyl graphics or colours as per your brand to create awareness.


Since hotels are increasingly built with glass facades, cladding the interiors or exteriors with a vinyl wrap is a smart solution to opt for. Choose your whole design language or immerse in the tones of your branding, our experts ensure that your windows are met with the right solutions.

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