WHY Touchstone Wrap

WHY Touchstone Wrap?

Touchstone Wrap is not just an expert at home renovations but also provides vinyl wrapping solutions for Restaurants, Office and Commercial spaces. We aim for 100 percent satisfaction from our customers at the end of every project. From the consultations to the final delivery day- We at Touchstone Wrap believe you should be happy at every point. With flexible working hours, we accommodate our schedule with yours and our 12-month warranty system (which does not involve accidental damages) gives you a warranty that if at any given point, our team made an error during installation, we provide a free service to mend them. We use premium brands such as Hyundai and LG that are scratch, water, heat and oil resistant. Vinyl wrapping sheets come in various designs and textures to choose from. Touchstone Wrap is an Interior Renovation team that comes together to change your spaces- does not matter if you own a home, an office or even a hotel. We offer vinyl wrapping solutions for every space and surface there is within 4 walls. With a wide range of designs and textures, you can choose vinyl wrapping sheets for all themes and concepts to compliment that aesthetic furniture. Contact us to book your first consultation with our team and get your quote today!