Kitchen Renovation in Dubai

Are you planning to renovate your kitchen space but the pricing taking you a few steps back? Are you a little lost about the pricing factors of renovating a kitchen in Dubai? Not to worry, we have a list of the approximate pricing of kitchen renovation in Dubai

First up, you must be questioning yourself: why should you renovate your kitchen? 

  • Fresher look & feel: A new flooring & backsplash in itself gives your kitchen a fresher vibe. 
  • Faster operations: With an upgrade to your appliances, you would not have to wait for the gas stove to switch on. 
  • Easy mobility: moving your island platforms to the side can give you more space to move around. 
  • Better aesthetics: changing up your hardware & cabinetry can give you a total aesthetic change. 

Planning Kitchen Renovation costs in Dubai: 

Various factors come into play when chalking up a price plan for kitchen renovations such as the space to be renovated, the amount of labor required, the material that will be invested in & the time. However, an approximate price to renovate a traditional kitchen in Dubai ranges anywhere between AED 5K to AED 100K depending on your preferences. 

Small Kitchen Renovations: 

Agreeably, renovating a smaller space is more affordable & pocket friendly when compared to a luxury kitchen for obvious reasons. Among which are the areas of renovation to the parts that really require urgent attention. An approximate price to renovate a small kitchen in Dubai ranges from AED 2.3K to AED 5.8K. 

One could also vinyl wrap the countertops & flooring to save on the cost of renovating an entire kitchen. 

Modern Kitchen Renovations: 

A modern kitchen requires more aesthetic appeal than any other factor for its completion. Renovation for such a space would require island construction along with plumbing refurbishments which naturally come with added costs that can go up to AED 1k. 

Anyone looking for a kitchen makeover in Dubai can spend AED 4.6K to AED 11k. 

Traditional Kitchen Renovations: 

A traditional kitchen is what we consider when a space has hardwood floors and cabinetry. The flooring has been painted a dull grey to give it a seemingly old & vintage look. Renovation such a kitchen would mean dishing out AED 6k to AED 15k. Vinyl wraps your backsplash and cabinets to save cost while maintaining your design aesthetics. 

Kitchen wrap in Dubai is comparatively more affordable than say changing an entire hardwood floor or cabinet doors. Vinyl wraps are what is used in carrying out this task and shall we say, Interior wrapping companies such as Touchstone Wrap are fortunately always up for this task with a highly skilled team of professionals. 

Luxury Kitchen Renovations : 

A luxury kitchen is all about attention to detail with many chandeliers, marble table tops & Island counters. There are numerous details one needs to cater to, to create a luxurious kitchen. One can expect to pay AED 17.5k to AED 29.2k for renovating a luxurious kitchen space in Dubai. 


Renovating a kitchen space can often raise questions about pricing right at the start considering the change in flooring, table tops, lighting, or appliances. We hope our pricing list has helped you decide on the right path for kitchen renovations in Dubai. Let us know in the comment below.

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