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Costs of wrapping an entire kitchen depends on the amount of cabinets and the surface area of the cabinets and counter top to be wrapped. On average wrapping an entire kitchen with vinyl in Dubai, UAE can start from around 1,500 dhs.

Painting can be messy, difficult to maintain & difficult to clean. Specialist cupboard paint can be expensive. Vinyl wraps are easy to clean, easy to maintain and relatively cheaper than painting. Small peels of vinyl overtime can easily be fixed by just replacing the damaged part rather than removing the entire wrap whereas for paint you would have to scrape off the old paint entirely and repaint it which can be hassle.

Vinyl wraps last the same duration as paint and depends on how well it is maintained. We have seen some last over for 5 years that have been well maintained. Vinyl is viewed as quick fix to change the look of your kitchen without putting a dent in your pocket so this needs to be taken into consideration as it is a cheaper alternative than replacing your entire kitchen.

Yes, kitchen wrapping is secure and holds up really well over time. Unless you bang things into your kitchen cabinets and counter tops vinyl wrapping can last a long time without any hassle. Even the damaged vinyl can be easily replaced.

On average we can wrap an entire kitchen within one day. If the project is bigger than we anticipate then it could go onto 2 days.

It depends, if you are renting and want to wrap your kitchen then we suggest that you don’t scrape off the old paint and wrap over the existing paint and you can just peel if off when you vacate. If you own the house then removing the damaged paint and wrap would be advisable.

No it doesn’t, vinyl wraps hold really well next to ovens and cookers and have been widely tested to last long specially in these areas.

No vinyl wrap does not damage the wood underneath and can be peeled off easily. vinyl wrap sticks to most woods without affecting the wood in anyway.

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