The way our spaces look has become more important than ever. Besides, design isn’t exclusive to aesthetics; functionality and durability are pivotal. With solutions such as vinyl wrapping, it’s easy to bring one’s imagination to life. Take a cue from these trends to keep your space up to date for the next year.

Trendy Transformation

In the last two years, our homes have undergone massive changes. With work from home being the need of the hour, spaces have doubled up as offices. In 2022, there’s a desire for spaces to return to their dedicated purpose. So, reclaim the bedroom or the living room by sprucing up the walls or furniture in the Pantone Colour of The Year – Very Peri.  Combine this eclectic shade of blue with neutral hues such as beige-, oatmeal- or biscuit-hued accents. Match the furnishing and the space is as good as new!

Panelling Partner

DIY wall panels are ruling the roost on social media at the moment. Pick from a range of textures in monochrome or indulge in a colour play…panelling is a simple way to add character to a space. You can either pick vinyl rolls with a panel design or pick rolls to cut and line them out in a row. The panels can reach from floor to ceiling or you can finish partway up the wall. Further add a moulding like the dado rail or picture rail on top of your cladding to create squares or boxes. Wider, flatter strips of another complementing material can be used if you wish to steer clear of the hammer and nails.

The biophilic rules

The need to be closely associated with nature instantly brings a sense of calm. Hence, the concept of turning a home into an urban jungle is a trend that’s popular. Ensure that the design philosophy continues through the space; a touch of green in the bathroom and kitchen may be an unconventional thought to start off with but is easy to execute. To adopt the biophilic design, begin with a clean palette. Lighter tones of egg shell or beige work best to create a sophisticated atmosphere. Adding pastel-hues for highlights work well to break monotony. Additionally, indulge in a play of material; pick stone or wood finishes to complement the au natural look.

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