Vinyl Wraps for Living Room

How to Transform Your Living Room’s Outlook Using Vinyl Wraps?

Living Room – A space for gatherings, making memories and so much love. Renovating such a crucial space is a sacred task that involves various elements to keep in mind, among which are lighting, aesthetics, theme, and color schemes. To aid you in creating the perfect living room, we have created a guide to making this space the best place to hang out with your friends and family. 

Theme: Note down the keynotes of your choice and then downsize to a single note and decide your theme for the living room. Selecting the theme is of utmost importance as we do not want to mix up various themes into one place. This would make your living room resemble a museum rather than a home. To avoid this drastic mistake, select a theme by brainstorming different ideas and keynotes of Pantone colors, elements, edginess, etc. 

Color Palette: Once you have the theme jotted down, selecting a color palette becomes a tad bit simpler. For example, if you have chosen a rustic theme then you would select earthy and warm tones, if Scandinavian, then it would be cooler and darker tones, and so on and so forth. Having the right color of vinyl wraps in the living room is essential for multiple reasons. For starters, if you have frequent gatherings with pastel tones, be prepared to get the cleaning done oh so frequently. Secondly, the color tone of the wall wrap in your living room also decides the overall vibe of the space and affects how it makes the individual in the room feel. 

Priorities: Decide which aspect of your living room would you like to remodel first. The walls, flooring, furniture, or furnishings. At this point, do let your project manager know which mode of remodeling would you wish to go with. Furniture wrap is the new and in-vogue path to giving your spaces a fresher look at affordable prices. Apart from furniture wrap, you could also look into wrapping your entire space- from flooring, and wall wrap to Kitchen wraps and even appliances. In fact, Dubai Kitchen wraps are very popular as it’s the most reasonable way for doing so.

You would be wondering how flooring can be vinyl wrapped. Now, vinyl flooring rolls come with an adhesive backing that requires it to be peeled and placed on your existing surface. This is a long-lasting solution to creating life-like wooden textures and prints at affordable pricing. 

Who to contact: With vinyl wraps being in trend in Dubai, Touchstone Wrap offers a highly skilled team of technicians who visit your home and complete their job in a day’s time. All without hassle, mess, or noise. Dubai wrap has reached its pinnacle of remodeling options for clients opting for a fresher, brighter appeal to their homes. 

We hope this guide has aided you in planning your next remodeling season with vinyl wraps. If it has, do comment below your experience because we love to hear from our clients! Wishing everyone a happy space to make memories with their loved ones.