Bathroom renovation Dubai

6 Bathroom Renovation Dubai Ideas For Your Apartment

Bathroom renovation in Dubai might sound like an unusual topic of discussion, however, a bathroom makes or breaks the aesthetic of a room. Even though not always a view from the bedroom,, bathrooms can say a lot about the bedroom and its owner. We have a few ideas for you to give yourself a classy, aesthetic, and gorgeous bathroom. 

A bathroom renovation Dubai may be skyrocketing but vinyl wrapping your surfaces can really bring out the colors and the textures at an affordable price. Putting aside the vinyl wraps, you can do a lot with your bathroom space to give it a sophisticated, classy, funky look. 

Renovating Bathroom Metallics:

Add metallic pieces to your bathrooms such as the hardware, organizers, and lighting. Metal pieces combined with marble flooring and dark woodwork bring out all sorts of feelings in a person who is all about the Scandinavian lifestyle. If you love metal artworks and sleek organizers, go all out with your bathroom tabletop. 

Wooden shower cubicles:

A wooden shower cubicle reminds you of that exotic resort you visited last year in the Maldives. Bring the beachy exotic vibe into your bathroom with a wooden shower deck along with greenery and pebbles. 

Bright lighting:

Having bright lighting in your bathroom is essential to help one get ready in optimal lighting. Opt for sleek lights for your mirror along with a shallow chandelier or a ceiling light in the shower area. One can also opt for accent lights to help ease the mood and calm the mind at the end of the day. 


Opt for tufted rugs that are water absorbent. These rugs help keep the space cozy along with some green pots that create an aesthetic for any kind of bathroom space. One need not invest in a large rug with tall palm trees, having a small rug with succulents does the job just fine. 


Organizers are a beautiful way of managing space (or that precious collection of makeup and perfumes you have). They come in different sizes and for various purposes. Opt for the ideal organizer for your possessions and the ones that hold maximum weight in a small space. They come in all types of designs and colors. A metallic frame with a glass body looks oh so chic on your tabletop sink complimented with a large circular mirror and bronze metal work on it. 


Renovating your bathroom cabinets can come off as a bit of a challenge on the mind and the pocket. Getting new hardwood to create fresh cabinet doors might be a bit overboard and just plain excessive. Try Vinyl wraps for bathroom cabinets considering they are water repellent and would not invite mold. 
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