Redo Your Restaurant or Hotel Interior Design Using Vinyl Wraps

Restaurant and cafe fit out

So far you may have seen or heard vinyl wraps being utilized for home renovations and remodeling. However, we are here to pop that bubble by showing you the various other ways you can use vinyl wraps in commercial spaces such as hotels and restaurants to spice up the room and transform the kitchen or dining area into a more shaped and defined space with specific areas of focus and aesthetic elements to highlight certain points. Let’s dive into the blog to understand how we can use interior wraps for dining interiors. 

The most talked about venue in a hotel is either their rooms or their restaurants. To your surprise, our team of skilled technicians at Touchstone Wrap can bring both to life with their magical hands. Our project at the Dubai Marine resort was one of our most treasured pieces of art wherein we were asked to transform their bar counter overlooking the sea. Vinyl door wraps can surprise us in the plethora of ways they can be used. From being applied on appliances and walls, it brought a simple bar to speak for itself with its sophisticated marble top finish. 

Similarly, one can opt for interior door wrap when remodeling their hotel rooms, lobbies, or even restaurants. Touchstone wrap does it all. Calling our team’s hands magical may be repetitive but it sure is true considering the finesse they complete their jobs within no time. You will have your hotel rooms and restaurants ready within a day’s time without any loss to your business and incoming clients. Its dual benefits if we may say so. 

  1. You get a newly transformed space with solid wood-like finishing and a more straightforward maintenance guide for the same. 
  1. It gets ready within a day’s time and there is zero mess. Additionally, vinyl wraps have no fumes or drying time, unlike those for lamination and painting. 

Why Should one opt for Vinyl Wraps for Hotel Interior Design? 

One may question the reasons for opting for vinyl wraps for hotel and restaurant remodeling. Having a successful and booming business why go for a cheaper medium when we can afford solid woodwork? This is because of the following reasons:

  1. Affordable 
  2. Easy maintenance 
  3. Zero adjustments required 
  4. Easy installation 
  5. No fumes, making it infant friendly 
  6. Plethora of designs, prints, textures, and colors. 

Must we say more? No more thinking it over or looking for more interior decorators. Contact Touchstone Wrap for their expert and supportive team of technicians who will be with you every step of the way to explain everything in clear words for better communication between the client and the company.

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