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Office Renovation with Vinyl Wraps

Touchstone Wrap also deals in office renovation through its interior vinyl wraps in Dubai. Let’s have a detailed look below.

Ensure your employee feels energised at work by creating an environment that conducive to productivity. If you are aspiring for a modern office renovation, a complete office wrap is a time-saving solution that will foster creativity of your workspace. Consult an office wrapping expert to bring your dream office space alive.

Innovative Interior Renovation With Vinyl Wraps

Office Reception

Beautiful Receptions

An office reception is one of the key spaces for inviting new business clients for any organization. With experts in vinyl wrapping, Touchstone Wrap can revamp your reception space with new age wrapping technology that is cost effective, quick and easy to install. With our wide range of designs, one can change the look and feel of their reception. Vinyl wrapping can be done for any surface from the welcome desk, paneling surfaces, tables and even chairs. Using vinyl wraps is the simplest way to renovate your reception space.

Executive Rooms

Business Executive Rooms

Executive rooms require a chic, business and a formal look keeping in mind the aesthetics of the company. Touchstone Wrap are Dubai’s experts in vinyl wrapping and the best in what they do providing you with a range of designs to choose from. Vinyl wrap your tables, shelves and even walls to refurbish your executive rooms and enhance your work space. Our technicians install and make your room ready by the end of the day and can be used post that.

Interior Wrapping
Office Cubicles

Wrap Office Cubicles

Cubicles, an important part of work spaces, can serve as fascinating design elements. Get in touch with the premium wrapping service in Dubai & UAE, for a modern office makeover.

Pantry Room

Stylish Pantries

By vinyl wrapping your office spaces, you can easily refurbish an office. This gives employees an enjoyable space to have their break so they can come back to work feeling refreshed and energized. Kitchen appliances and accessories can be easily clad in vinyl wraps to fit the larger corporate philosophy.

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