Bedroom Interior Ideas

Bored of the old bulky bed with chipped varnish and scratches from your dear pet? Not to worry, simply revamp your furniture with vinyl wraps. Sounds expensive? On the contrary, it is rather affordable, long-lasting and comes with much more advantages and designs. Read on to know the multiple ways you can modernize your bedroom interior furniture in a budget-friendly manner. 

1. Spice Up Drawers 

It’s time to trash the scratched-up, rugged old chest of drawers and replace it with something more modern, chic and sophisticated. Remodeling your furniture can be an expensive deal and we understand that. This is why we offer you a pocket-friendly, in-vogue option which involves vinyl wrapping your old chest of drawers. A simple, long-lasting and easy-to-maintain option that prolongs the life of your wood by acting as a protective layer for it. Vinyl wraps for furniture come with scratch-resistant, water-resistant and heat-resistant finishes. This makes them perfect for furniture interior design

2. Is that a New Bed? 

Tired of hiding your chipped varnish with bed throws and bulky comforters? Simply apply vinyl wraps to your bed and give it a completely new look! Furniture remodeling has never been so much fun. Replace that old teak with a classic white at an affordable price. You can apply the furniture wrap on your own or hire an expert from Touchstone Wrap, a Dubai-based company. 

3. Trash the Vintage Look 

Your grandmother’s wardrobe from the 20s is precious but so outdated. Opt for furniture wrapping your wardrobe to make magic come alive in your bedroom with the snap of fingers. Transform an age-old piece of furniture to something much more modern while keeping those memories intact. 

4. Stained Rugs are so not Vogue 

Do you have toddlers who tend to spill their milkshakes and smoothies all over your Persian rugs? Simply replace your rugs with vinyl flooring wraps for an easy-to-maintain option that resembles real wood or even tiles. An inexpensive solution to a pocket-pinching problem. 

5. Statement Walls 

The most simplest yet effective way to revamp your bedroom is to highlight a single wall with statement pieces, tiles or wallpapers. Select a contrasting wallpaper, paint or tile to accentuate a single wall that can make or break the entire aesthetic of the room. An even better option would be to select vinyl wraps for your statement walls. This allows you enough room to experiment and see if you really like the wrap. If you get bored, simply peel it off without harming the paint in any way. 

Concluding Bedroom Interior Ideas

We sincerely hope this simple guide to remodeling your bedroom with furniture vinyl wraps has provided you with plenty of ideas to spice up that boring room. Contact us at Touchstone Wrap to get a quote for your bedroom revamp today. If this blog has helped you in any way, let us know in the comments below and like & share this with your dear ones as well.

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