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Kitchen Wrapping in Dubai

Touchstone Wrap deals in multiple Kitchen wrapping in Dubai services for its clients. Let’s have a detailed look below.

Stylish Modern Kitchen : Kitchen renovation in Dubai is a daunting task given the time workers spend working, which disrupts meal preparation. However, kitchen revamps are necessary given the grease and hustle the space endures. Vinyl wraps bridge this gap. It is one of the fastest and most affordable ways to update your kitchen. The cost is less than the average kitchen renovation cost  in Dubai. The flexibility that the kitchen wrapping film offers makes it easy to install and cost-efficient. What’s more? The vinyl wraps for Kitchen are crafted to endure staining, chips, and cracks ensuring longevity. With a plethora of options, it’s easy to find a theme you are looking to execute. Scroll through a fine selection of stone, glossy and wooden finishes to wrap your kitchen floor to ceiling with the help of our kitchen cabinet wrapping.

Kitchen Renovation in Dubai With Architectural Vinyl Wraps

Kitchen Cabinet Wraps

One of the biggest contributors to a kitchens’ overall look is cabinetry. Although, getting new cabinetry means a long process of having it installed. With Cabinet Vinyl wraps, achieving a new look without replacing your cabinets is possible. The wrap films are so flexible that they easily follow the contours of the furniture with ease.

Countertops Wrapping

Counter tops are where all the action in the kitchen takes place. If the chips and dents in the countertop are bringing down the look of your kitchen, consider wrapping the counter with a vinyl film. Vinyl wrapping counter top is the answer to all queries of kitchen remodel in Dubai within a low budget.


Kitchen Backsplash

If you love to cook, you know what the kitchen back splash endures. The combination of grease and fire from all your passionate culinary endeavors can cause your back splash to look jaded. Choose from a fabulous range of 3D films that mimic high-end tiles or pick a texture that mimics a natural material to ensure your new back splash is a mark of style.

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