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Everyone loves to spruce up their home appearance once in a while. By adding a few coats of paint, furniture pieces, and some artwork to your walls, you can easily transform the entire outlook of a room. However, when it comes to home renovation Dubai, the kitchen is the most overlooked space in the entire home. It may be because kitchens are frequently used rooms in the home, and can not go through a months-long remodel project. On the other hand, Kitchen renovation in Dubai is quite expensive. In addition to wall paints, you have to do the floors, cabinets, appliances, backsplash, and countertops. But, what if we tell you that there are ways through which you can easily do a kitchen remodel Dubai and that too without indulging in months-long renovation and cost? 

Using Vinyl Wrap for Kitchen

Vinyl wrap is a sheet-like surface that covers a hard object. It is available in the form of rolls and sheets. You can tailor it according to your shape and size requirements. Most of the vinyl wraps come with a backing, removing which you would get a sticky backside. By applying this sheet to a surface you want to renovate, you can easily change the outlook of that object. The vinyl wrap is very slim in shape and adds no bulk of its own. 

This is what makes vinyl wraps so popular all around the world including in Dubai. You can use vinyl wraps for renovating the kitchen in Dubai at the most cost-effective rates. Whether the surface is flat, curved, large, or small, vinyl wraps do it all. You can popularly use a vinyl wrap to transform the appearance of the following:

  • Cars
  • Furniture
  • Laptops and Electronics
  • Doors and Walls
  • Cabinets

You can wrap any type of surface if it is not rusted, rough, unusually curved, or has an extreme temperature change. 

Why Use Vinyl Wraps For Your Kitchen?

Kitchen Wrapping Dubai Using Vinyl Wraps

Now that you are clear about what vinyl wraps are and how they work, you must know how you can transform your kitchen using a vinyl wrap for the kitchen. It is nothing complicated. By using good-quality, vinyl sheets, and applicator tools, you can easily apply them to your kitchen. From kitchen cabinet wrapping, countertops, and fridge to a dishwasher, everything can be remodeled through vinyl wraps.

Let’s discuss all the specific kitchen areas where vinyl wraps are a perfect fit:

1. Kitchen Cabinet Wraps

Kitchen cabinet wraps are the best way to start your kitchen renovation Dubai project. Cabinets are mostly flat making them simply perfect for vinyl sticking. You can also wrap the cupboard insides for an entirely new appearance. Just cut a separate panel of vinyl for each cabinet side. Carefully plan to work the vinyl around hinges and handles. Kitchen Cabinet wrapping is easy and simple. 

2. Appliance Wraps

Kitchen cabinets take up most of the space in a kitchen. However, other areas deserve your attention equally. For instance, your fridge is a perfect candidate for vinyl wrapping. You can use a vinyl wrap for changing your fridge color and match it with cabinets.

Other items include microwaves, ovens, and dishwashers. Wrapping appliances is a bit tricky as you have to pull them out of the wall. However, the effort is worth it considering the wonderful look when you complete. If you don’t want to pull them out, the option is to wrap the fronts only.

3. Using Kitchen Wrap for Countertops

Much like cabinets, countertops are an easy surface to wrap because of how flat and regular they are. In some cases, they may even be easier to wrap than cabinets because there’s only one surface to think about, whereas cabinets challenge you to think about multiple cabinet faces, as well as the inside.

Similar to cabinets, countertops are also perfect for kitchen wrap thanks to their flat and regular shape. They are easy to wrap than cabinets as it’s just one surface compared to multiple cabinet faces. By vinyl wrapping countertops, you can change the color, pattern, texture, and material. For instance, if you love the granite or wooden look, then you can make your dream come true by changing the original counter underneath through kitchen wrapping Dubai.

What Are the Benefits of Vinyl Wraps for the Kitchen?

Kitchen renovation Dubai

We have discussed, how amazing vinyl wrap for the kitchen is and why should you opt for kitchen wrapping Dubai for remodeling your appliances, cabinets, and countertops. Now, let’s discuss what are the benefits of choosing vinyl wraps for kitchen renovation and remodeling in Dubai. 

1. Cost

Cabinets are one of the most expensive items as far as kitchen renovation is concerned. Using vinyl kitchen wrap, you can easily save money. A traditional kitchen renovation in Dubai requires the purchase of new cabinets, countertop materials, and appliances. All this in addition to the extra delivery and installation costs add up quickly. These replacements are sometimes worth it but can always be avoided if an affordable upgrade is available.

In a Kitchen wrapping Dubai project using vinyl wraps, you only need to buy vinyl sheets and the important application tools such as knives, tape, and scissors. Most of the items are already available in our house. The cost of purchasing all these items is quite less compared to the price of a new set of cabinets or countertops. In addition to saving costs, vinyl wrapping is something that is also time effective and can be done on your own. You can avoid delivery costs if you choose to apply vinyl sheets and rolls on your own.

If your appliances and countertops are looking old and worn out, then you should opt for new fixtures. However, if they are in a good shape but you want a new appearance, then vinyl wrap for kitchen is the best solution.

2. Flexibility

Countertops and cabinets are expensive and therefore impractical to replace now and then. Even when we replace them, we want to select a style that will stay in trend for years to come. Although this is a practical way to approach kitchen remodeling, it gets boring and suppresses us from truly expressing our style.

This is where vinyl wrap for the kitchen is useful. Vinyl is not only inexpensive but is also easy to install. You can choose any color, texture, and style, thus removing the pressure to choose something you want to select only to stay in trend for years. You can swap it for another color in a matter of a few months. If you want to change your surroundings frequently, investing in vinyl kitchen wraps is the way to go for you!

3. Easy Installation

Vinyl wraps offer an easy installation. For installing new appliances, you need to haul out the old piece, dispose of them and hire professionals to put the new ones back in place. This costs more time and money as you would need to hire the installation workers for getting your kitchen items removed and replaced.

On the other hand, using kitchen wrap, you can benefit from the easy and seamless installation to simplify the entire process. You can get done with the entire kitchen remodel Dubai project in a day, preventing the need for disruption from the everyday kitchen activities. You also need not worry about disposing of your original fixtures.

Design Elements for Kitchen Wrapping Dubai

Before and After Kitchen Wraps Dubai

Are you finally ready to use vinyl kitchen wrapping to upgrade your kitchen in Dubai? The best things to realize about kitchen remodel Dubai using vinyl wraps is the wide range of options to explore and choose from. Some of the design elements to consider when planning a kitchen upgrade are shared below:


Kitchen wrap using vinyl sheets can be done in any color. That’s because vinyl wraps are available in a rainbow spectrum with a variety of variations in every color. From a traditional neutral to a bold and loud statement, you can do it all with the availability of vinyl wraps in every color. Choose gray for a modern and minimalist look or turquoise for an adventurous look for your cabinets. 


Vinyl wraps also come in a wide variety of textures. Some are shiny whereas others are matte. How about choosing a matte black vinyl when adding a new fridge wrap to your kitchen? You can also go for a metallic shade. Scroll through the variety of textures and finishes until you find the one that is perfect enough for complementing your kitchen!


Although vinyl wraps are made of the same material, they can add a different style to your space and are designed to look like other materials. For example, if you wanted stone countertops or wooden cabinets, you can have it done through the vinyl wrap for the kitchen.

Select the Perfect Vinyl for Your Kitchen Wrapping Projects in Dubai

Ready for kitchen cabinet wraps or want to upgrade the look of your appliances and renew your countertops? Opt for kitchen wrapping using vinyl sheets as it would handle all these specifics in parallel. Kitchen renovation Dubai has never been this simple and easy without the vinyl wrap for the kitchen. 
TouchStone Wrap is an expert in Dubai Wraps. Browse through their vinyl wrapping services for further details!

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