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Kitchen Cabinet Wrapping

Touchstone Wrap deals in multiple Kitchen wrapping in Dubai services for its clients. Let’s have a detailed look below.

Kitchen cabinets are usually one of the most used areas. For a quick and affordable cabinet makeover, you can try wraps. Instead of buying or replacing kitchen cabinets, you can try vinyl wraps in different styles, materials, and colors to achieve a new look, matching your decor.

Kitchen Cabinet Wraps vs Traditional Makeover

Vinyl wraps are suitable for all cupboards but are more popular with kitchen cabinets. They are easy to install and cut as per the size of a cabinet door. Another benefit of vinyl wrapping your kitchen cabinets is durability and easy maintenance. You can easily achieve the appearance of different materials such as:

While a traditional cabinetry replacement costs more time, effort, and money, you can easily avoid it all with cabinet wrapping. The best part is that you can change the look even after a few months as it’s easily replaceable. The cabinet manufacturing brand doesn’t matter. Whether your cabinets are from IKEA, Amazon or any other brand, You can have them all wrapped including the kitchen cabinet doors according to your taste, just the way you want!


Yes, through cabinet wraps, you can easily give a new and attractive look to your kitchen cabinets. In fact, vinyl wraps are particularly famous for kitchen cabinets.

Renovating cabinets by buying and replacing new kitchen cabinets is expensive and time consuming. Wrapping is quick, cheaper, and can be managed without moving appliances. This is convenient for people on a tight budget or schedule.

They last for about 5 to 7 years. However, during this time, you can change your kitchen cabinets’ appearance with different wrapping materials and styles.

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