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Touchstone Wrap deals in multiple services for its clients in Dubai. Let’s have a detailed look below.

Create Magical Kids Room With Vinyl Wraps

Using Vinyl Wrapping sheets anywhere else in the house is alright, but is it safe for your little ones? We at Touchstone Wrap say it absolutely is! Being the best wrapping solutions in Dubai,& UAE, we have expert technicians who can get the work done during your child’s school hours with zero mess and minimal wait time. No more fumes from the paint that takes forever to dry and leaves the toxic fumes for hours after which can pose to be extremely harmful for children. 

We at Touchstone Wrap offer a wide range of products that we wrap from the Crib, Wardrobes, side tables, Toy cot, Bed frames and many such items. These wrapping sheets come in a variety of colors, prints and designs that make your little ones wanting to stay in a little longer. They can transform your child’s room from a boring single colored room to a bright, peppy room filled with vibrant and exciting prints. Furniture wrapping is the best, safest and quickest solutions to renovating your kid’s room. They are the best solution for when you want to change up the interiors but cannot risk having paint fumes stay indoors for a longer time with your child sleeping with them. Inhaling those fumes can be extremely harmful and toxic. Which is where Touchstone Wrap come in with their skilled technicians to save the day. Our technicians install these vinyl sheets within a day and the room can be used by the end of the day. We have a wide range of vinyl wraps for all ranges of colors and prints that will make not only your day but also your child’s. 

Wish to brighten up your Kid’s room in a cost-effective way which is safe, quick and non-messy? Call us today to get a quote for your project.

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