Before and After Kitchen Cabinet Door Wraps

Kitchen renovation for the summer 2023 sounds like a plan! Everything is set, color palette, theme and even the detailing. However, how much does it really cost? We present you with the ultimate guide to understanding kitchen wrap and how much it would pinch our pockets. Read on to know more. 

In an ideal situation, one would finalize a cost package and then move on with item sourcing for their kitchen renovations. Being creatives ourselves, we understand finalizing the color palette, themes, textures etc. is of utmost importance and probably the most fun part! So let’s hold our horses and understand the financial aspect of  kitchen door wraps. The cost of a small kitchen renovation ranges from AED 2.3k to AED 5.8k depending on the type of decor one opts for among the plethora of options.

  1. Vinyl Wraps 
  2. Traditional hardwood remodeling 
  3. Repainting cabinets and drawers
  4. Refurbishing the kitchen 
  5. Updating appliances (refrigerators, ovens, cooktops, chimneys, etc.)

Why are Vinyl Wraps Cost-Effective? 

If one opts for vinyl wrapping their kitchen space, it would fit within the above-mentioned range, however, if one opts for the second option of hardwood remodeling, it would probably shoot up along with multiple inconveniences. 

Having set its reputation  among interior decorators in Dubai, Interior wraps are the best option for kitchen renovations because of the following reasons:

  1. Covers a range of surfaces easily – 
  1. Countertops
  2. Backsplashes 
  3. Kitchen cabinet wraps and drawers
  4. Flooring 
  5. Walls
  6. Appliances 
  1. Easy to maintain with a simple dry cloth 
  2. Long-lasting due to protective layers such as –
  1. Heat-resistant 
  2. Oil-resistant 
  3. Water-resistant
  4. Scratch proof 
  1. Comes in a variety of designs and textures 
  1. Smooth 
  2. Glossy 
  3. Wooden 
  4. Matte 
  5. Printed 
  6. Solid colors 

If one opts for kitchen remodeling the traditional way, it would end up skyrocketing the prices owing to the general costs of materials(wood, paint, varnish, hardware, and much more). However, this step becomes simpler for vinyl wrapping since wraps come cheaper than wood and laminates. 

Concluding Kitchen Door Wrapping: 

Convinced yet? Having provided the multitude of reasons and pricing for vinyl wrapping your kitchen surfaces, it should become your only option for upgrading the kitchen this year! Apart from the above perks, vinyl wrapping your kitchen cabinet doors is also a quick and long-lasting resolution to a bunch of problems such as mold and fungus. Applying vinyl wraps on treated wood can protect it from moisture, heat and dust, keeping your wood fresh and new for years to come. 

So stop pondering upon the decision and call Touchstone Wrap today to get a quote for your Kitchen renovation project this year with a vibrant kitchen. Our expert team of technicians can finish the project within a day’s time with zero mess and noise leaving your home brand new and clean! Contact us for further information. 

If this guide has helped you in any way, do let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to like and share this blog with your fellow creative friends.

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