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Touchstone Wrap can help you with furniture decor through its furniture wrapping services in Dubai. Let’s have a detailed look below.

Furniture Decor for a Lifetime with Branded Furniture Vinyl Wraps!

Renovation can often be such an eyesore with the dust and wood scattered everywhere. Touchstone Wrap brings to you easy renovation using vinyl wrapping technique for all your furniture. As Dubai & UAE experts in wrapping solutions-Touchstone Wrap, gives you a completely new look to the interiors & furniture decor in the span of a day. Vinyl wrapping for furniture is a remarkable way to visually alter anything despite scale. As home renovation dubai experts, Touchstone Wrap understands the wear and tear furniture goes through on an everyday basis. We seek to offer a cost-effective solution to renovate your interior space in as little time as possible using a range of durable vinyl wrap. No matter how big or small the scale of renovation, we have the perfect solution. Our range of self-adhesive, colored vinyl is huge. Take your pick from bold finishes and bright hues, to pearlescent and wooden textures. As one of the interior wrapping experts in Dubai & UAE, we ensure that the design ideas you want can be created with ease.

With no mess, minimal wait time and easy installation, Furniture vinyl wrapping can be done on your tables , chairs to your bookshelves and wardrobes. Touchstone Wrap gives you a range of designs to choose from for all types of surfaces. We seek to make life simple by using vinyl wrapping sheets and creating a whole new aesthetic to your space. Vinyl sheets can be used to wrap cabinet shelves, backsplash and even the counter top. Apart from the kitchen wrap, we also do living spaces that include walls, doors and all types of furniture decor. Bedroom wrapping includes surfaces such as bed frames, wardrobes, doors and shelves. All this in a day’s time. We at Touchstone Wrap provide home interior services using vinyl wrapping sheets that are simple and a beautiful way to refurbish any space, be it a home, office or a restaurant. We do everything.

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