Kitchen cabinet door wrapping

Vinyl Wrap as a Wood Alternative for Kitchen Doors

Hard wood-based cabinetry exudes warmth and elegance which is hard to beat. Apart from this, solid wood is among the most desirable materials for kitchen doors and cabinetry. Being so, it may not be pocket friendly for everyone’s budget but what else is the alternative? 

Hardwood is the best material for kitchen woodwork but there are always more mediums one can try for a change of things and to spice things up! Kitchen Cabinet Wrap is the newest addition to the Dubai interior market and must we say reaching its peak with high demand from everyone looking for an interior change-up. The various advantages of shifting to vinyl wraps from solid wood can vary depending on the surface being used. If we talk about kitchen cabinets, below is a list of reasons that should convince you to shift your preference over to Vinyl Door Wrap.

What Are Vinyl Wraps? 

For starters, Vinyl Door Wrap is one of the most pocket-friendly mediums of interior design materials one can go for. It is affordable enough and quite flexible to be used on cabinets, flooring, table tops, backsplashes, and even appliances. 

These vinyl wraps are glued onto MDF panels which makes them resilient and strong for long periods of time. Being easy to maintain, they also pose to be affordable and rather aesthetic than solid wood as they come in a variety of colors, prints, textures, and designs. 

Can You Tell Apart From The Wood or Vinyl Wrapped Kitchen Doors? 

Well, there will always be those who will be hell-bent on bringing a difference between the two. However, on seeing the two in front of them even the stubborn ones would be tempted to choose the vinyl wraps over solid wood any day. Being closely similar, one can never tell apart from the two Interior door wraps that look and feel so similar to solid wood, it will be almost impossible to tell the difference even for the most major interior fanatics. 

Variety of Designs: 

For those wishing to give their kitchen spaces a sense of depth, and warmth, going for dark traditional wood grain textures would be ideal. If you are thinking sophisticated and elegant, go for dark matte hues or light glossy finishes to give your kitchen a clean and expensive feel to it. Vinyl wrap kitchen cabinet doors are the best way to transform your kitchen spaces from dull and old to bright and fresh spaces. 
Best to say, we have convinced you to opt for Vinyl wrap Cabinet doors to spice up your kitchen cabinetry and surfaces this festive season.

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