Bedroom Wrapping

Services We Offer

Bedroom Wrapping Services We Offer

Touchstone Wrap deals in multiple services for its clients in Dubai. Let’s have a detailed look below.

A bedroom is a personal space and often mimics the personality of those dwelling in it. Whether you are keen to fix the design choices from years ago or are entering a new phase in your life, vinyl wrapping makes change easy. You can use vinyl wraps to breathe new life into old furniture, revamp walls or floors or simply create a lucid flow of design

Bespoke Bedrooms With Interior Vinyl Wraps

Bed Frames

With vinyl wrap you can create a whole new theme for your bedroom. Begin with the bed; with fantastic textures and finishes, a fine play of design can be used to revamp a bed frame into a contemporary one.

Side Tables

Side tables need not be grim and boring anymore. With vinyl wrapping, you can let your imagination run wild or pick wrapping films that match the larger design theme. Furniture vinyl wrapping allows an end-to-end seamless covering making it convenient for smaller furniture pieces as well.

Wardrobes and Closets

Don’t let the cost of replacing your old and boring wardrobes worry you. Vinyl finishes are perfect to spruce up the way they look and maintain them for years to come. Further, vinyl wrapping is hard-wearing, and protects against general wear and tear. Choose from a range of solid block colours to wood finishes and more.

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