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Bathroom Renovation in Dubai

Touchstone Wrap is one of the bathroom renovation companies in Dubai that deals in multiple bathroom wrapping services for its clients. Let’s have a detailed look below.

Vinyl wraps make transforming your bathroom into a luxe spa simple. Forget the mess and stress of renovation; indulge in a ceiling-to-floor upgrade with aesthetic vinyl that’s water proof and mould resistant. Whether it’s the shower area or a counter top upgrade you are looking for, vinyl wraps are sturdy enough to embrace any water impact. Take your pick from flattering finishes that come in an easy-to-install format. The use of specialized adhesives ensures your bathroom is hardwired for everything that comes its way. Let your shower be your area to unwind. Choose from a catalogue of soothing hues and pleasing finishes that are sure to soothe your senses. Touchstone Wrap bathroom renovation Dubai consist of applying specialized vinyl to your bathroom furniture with the colors & style you desire.

Splash With Premium Vinyl Wraps

Bathroom Countertops

With stylish vinyl wraps gracing counter tops, it’s going to speak volumes about your taste.

Bathroom Sink

Remodel your bathroom sink with the waterproof vinyl wrap to give your old vanity and shower area, the modern and stylish look you want. You can choose from a wide range of designs and patterns available in vinyl wraps, wrapping bathrooms in a day saving time and costs

Bathroom Closets

With frequent use, closets tend to look worn own sooner. But with vinyl wraps, your bath closet will be as good as new. Refurbishing those boring storage spaces into contemporary ones is rendered easy with vinyl wraps. Take a pick from wooden textures, stylish metallic finishes or solid hues…match with your mood or the latest décor trend.

Bathroom Walls

When it comes to bathroom walls, unlike paint, vinyl wraps are much stronger. Vinyl wall wrapping stands out for its mould-free, moisture-resistant qualities. Further, you can choose waterproof tile stickers to create accent walls or cover cracked or dated tiles. With Vinyl wraps, your bathroom renovation cost would drop significantly!

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