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Touchstone Wrap deals in multiple services for its clients in Dubai. Let’s have a detailed look below.

Upgrade Appliances With Vinyl Wraps

Home renovation is tiresome as is, but so is replacing all of your appliances to match the theme. Touchstone Wrap gives you the opportunity to wrap your appliances as well to compliment the kitchen! As experts in home improvement and vinyl wrapping solutions in Dubai and UAE, we wrap your appliances safely and beautifully with vinyl sheets.

Appliances are costly enough to exchange every few months but you can always wrap them to give a look and feel as that of the woodwork. Vinyl wrapping can be done for appliances like Refrigerator and Ovens to name a few. They merge along with the cupboards and shelves making it all appear as one. No need to exchange typhoid current refrigerator with a new one, just simply call us to vinyl wrap it today.

Vinyl wrapping your appliances is not only a cost-effective way to go when renovating your space but is also a more quicker and safer way. Renovation may cause damage to your appliances, not application of vinyl sheets. We do almost all surfaces and spaces, and have a team of qualified technicians who work very hard to provide you with the ultimate satisfaction of cleaning and refurbishing your home, office, restaurant or hotel, simply by a couple of hours. Touchstone Wrap gives you a wide range of designs to choose from to wrap your surfaces and appliances.

Vinyl wrapping sheets can be used to revamp your kitchen cupboards, backsplash, bathroom counters, appliances, bedroom spaces and many more. Call us today to get a quote!

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